What are the blast zone

Domains – the letters after the last dot in the name of the site: .ru, .su, .com, etc. Domain zones lot. They are divided by country or by category. There are even industry domain zones, for example, the zone of .aero for airlines. Most Russian sites ending in «.ru», so we recommend that you select a name in this zone. Affordable options – .su, .com, .net, org.

Relatively recently appeared Domains .RF. Now the name of the site can be written in Russian letters. Site kind Kompaniya.RF may attract attention, Cyrillic domains are still perceived unusual. On the other hand, some users tend to have less confidence in the Russian-speaking locations.
The hardest part – is to find another unoccupied name. The number of sites is constantly increasing, and the simple, beautiful and free titles is less and less. How to choose the name of the site that has not yet taken? Make a list of some interesting names for you, and check whether they are free right in the admin panel UMI.ru.

We have collected for you the basic guidelines for choosing the domain name and wrote a few tips on how to choose a name for the site. Not necessarily trying to keep them all, but to get acquainted with the general rules we recommend.

The ideal option

Ideal case – when your company name and the domain name will be. Alas, this is not always possible. The company with the same name can have time to register the domain before. Or legal name of the company is not too attractive for a wide range of potential customers. Or the company until there are no names. Or maybe you are an individual entrepreneur or a private specialist.
Short and catchy

The site address will appear on business cards and advertising. It will enter in the address bar. It is desirable that the name was short and easy to remember, so that you can dictate over the phone and record at the hearing. Compare which of the domains of the Latvian bank Aizkraukles easier to remember – aizkraukles.lv or ab.lv.

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